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Embracing greener energy solutions together

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Empowering local energy transformation

The planet is facing a climate emergency. To tackle this crisis, communities around the world need to step it up. That’s exactly what Oakville is doing, by radically changing how we will receive, use, and distribute energy. 

Future Energy Oakville (FEO) is driving that transformation. We’re an independent not-for-profit organization supported by the municipal government, investors, local partners, and engaged citizens. 

Together, we’re leveraging global best practices and data-driven innovations to reimagine the ways in which our community moves people and goods, heats and cools homes, powers jobs, and more. 

By championing energy solutions and scaling their implementation, we’re building a better Oakville—and providing a model for other municipalities across the country and globally. 

Bringing bold climate plans to life

Future Energy Oakville champions Oakville’s community energy strategy. This ambitious vision was created by the Oakville’s Energy Task Force: a team of leaders representing local businesses, government, utilities, schools, and community groups. 

After extensive research and consultation, the task force developed an evidence-based strategy to make Oakville’s energy future clean, affordable, and resilient. Now, Future Energy Oakville is bringing that strategy to life by leading a community-wide energy transformation. 

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Taking action

By 2041, we aim to achieve three main goals:


Increase energy efficiency by at least 40%


Move towards carbon neutrality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50%


Return at least $7 billion in cumulative energy cost savings to the community

Evidence-based projects

To achieve these goals, Oakville’s community energy strategy lays out twelve evidence-based projects that we aim to have underway by 2025. These projects reflect global best practices and align with Canada’s climate priorities. They fall into six areas: 

Collectively, these initial projects will make Oakville’s energy landscape dramatically more sustainable.

At the same time, they lay the groundwork for even more ambitious carbon reductions  going forward to realize the community energy strategy’s 2041 climate goals.

Accelerating and amplifying impact

No single organization has the resources and expertise to undertake all twelve projects. Some are spearheaded by the Town of Oakville, while others must be led by local partners.

Our job is to make it all possible by accelerating action. Future Energy Oakville rallies the right people and supports their efforts. We attract the investment and funding dollars required, and we help maintain a collective focus on the overarching goals.

Together, we’re creating bigger impacts, sooner.

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