Future Energy Oakville

Future Energy Oakville

Future Energy Oakville is driving energy transformation in our community and forging a path for other municipalities to follow. Established in 2021, we’re an independent not-for-profit organization supported by the Town of Oakville and a variety of forward-thinking investors, community sponsors, and partners. 

Shaped by community

Our story began in 2018, when the Town of Oakville and Sheridan College assembled the Oakville Energy Task Force, bringing together local leaders from business, government, utilities, schools, and citizen groups. Together, they undertook extensive consultations with the community on how to enhance Oakville’s sustainable energy landscape. 

Grounded in evidence and data

The Oakville Energy Task Force drew on the latest data and global best practices to set evidence-based goals. With the help of a project team that included national and international consultants, they established baselines, analyzed current energy use, developed projections of future energy use, identified proven solutions, and conducted energy efficiency simulations. From that foundation, they created a community energy strategy, identifying key priorities and recommendations. 

Arial view of Oakville harbour

Focused on the future

In 2020, Oakville’s town council unanimously endorsed the community energy strategy—including the recommendation to create a standalone organization to bring the strategy to life. This is where Future Energy Oakville was born.

Today, we’re working to: 

Primed for success

Future Energy Oakville connects local talent, tools, and innovative thinking with partners, investors, and funders committed to the energy transition. Together, we’re making our community a model for climate action and ensuring Oakville continues to be Canada’s most livable town.