Future Energy Oakville

FEO Journey: A Fusion of Sustainable Community Energy Initiatives

Future Energy Oakville (FEO) represents Oakville’s dedicated push towards a more sustainable future. At the heart of this initiative is the Community Energy Strategy (CES), which sets forth ambitious targets for the town. By the year 2041, elevating energy efficiency by 40%, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50%, and unlocking a potential of $7B in energy savings for the community.

To achieve these milestones, CES outlines a multifaceted approach that touches upon various sectors of the community. This includes enhancing the energy efficiency of homes and buildings, promoting sustainable practices within industries, optimizing local energy distribution methods, and championing eco-friendly transportation solutions. A list of 12 priority projects serves as the backbone of this initiative.

FEO’s approach is not just about setting targets; it’s about active engagement and collaboration. The organization believes in working closely with government bodies, local businesses, and the broader community. Through workshops, talks, and policy advocacy, FEO aims to provide information, showcase global best practices, and drive innovative solutions. The goal is clear: to steer Oakville towards a low-carbon economy, ensuring a greener, brighter future for all its residents. Here are some upcoming FEO activities.

A Community Engaged in Thought Leadership

As the leaves turn golden this November, mark the 7th on your calendars. In a collaborative effort with the Chamber of Commerce and Professional Engineers of Ontario, Oakville will witness a gathering that promises enlightening discussions on sustainability. The event is called “Moving Energy Forward”. As a primer to the event be sure to check out podcasts with various energy experts that will highlight some of the latest initiatives that support our CES. 

Discovering Solutions Together

The FEO team is charged with anticipation as we prepare for discovery workshops this fall. These aren’t just sessions; they’re a call to the community to come together, engage, and ideate innovative solutions for our shared energy challenges.

Laying the Foundations for a Greener Oakville

Behind the scenes, FEO is working with the Town of Oakville to review and assess the priority projects actions that have occurred since the development of the strategy. 

Collaborations that Amplify Impact

In Oakville, we believe that when we join forces, magic happens. Be it exploring business avenues with many organizations over the coming months, FEO is all about collaborative efforts for a brighter, greener Oakville.

In Conclusion

FEO believes that Oakville stands on the cusp of making great strides toward its Community Energy Strategy goals. With your support, engagement, and passion, Oakville isn’t just aiming for sustainability; it’s setting the gold standard for it. Join us in this journey, for this is Oakville’s story – our shared vision of a sustainable tomorrow.