Future Energy Oakville

Passing of FEO Executive Director, Richard Thomas

We are deeply saddened to announce that FEO’s Executive Director Richard Thomas passed away on December 11, 2022. 

Richard joined Future Energy Oakville (FEO) as its Executive Director on August 29, 2022. His intense concern for addressing the climate emergency facing Oakville (and our planet) is what initially drew Richard to work with FEO.

During his time with FEO, Richard advanced its mission by completing key elements of the strategic and operating plans.

Operationally, he was instrumental in:

  • Developing and implementing FEO’s website including its design, content, and ongoing management plan
  • Implementing office management systems as well as operational policies and procedures
  • Creating and managing FEO’s budget

Strategically, Richard was focused on ensuring FEO’s growth and sustainability. He put significant effort into moving key fundraising and financing strategies forward on several fronts by:

  • Working closely with stakeholders and partners on FEO’s fundraising strategy
  • Identifying alternative funding strategies to support FEO’s long-term financial security
  • Leveraging his extensive business management experience in small and large corporations

Richard’s passion and dedication to FEO and its mission laid the groundwork for FEO. We are very grateful for his commitment and are confident that FEO will benefit from his work for many years to come.

A celebration of life was held for Richard on December 27th, and we continue to extend our profound sympathies to his family. 

The FEO board is working together to respond to this difficult situation.

Any questions regarding FEO can be sent to the Board of Directors at bod@feoc.ca. A member of the board will respond within 48 hours.

On behalf of the FEO Board of Directors, 
John Matthiesen
President and Board Chair
Future Energy Oakville